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LANDAUER®: Dosimetry Services and Equipment

LANDAUER is the trusted leader to ensure accurate and reliable personnel dosimetry monitoring and precise dose measurements in any environment with potential exposure to ionising radiations. LANDAUER is HSE approved dosimetry services for whole body, extremity and skin dosimeters.

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LANDAUER® simplifies your radiation safety program with occupational dosimetry, patient dose optimization and more.

Landauer activities
LANDAUER and activities

  • dosimetry for hospital


  • dosimetry for nuclear


  • dosimetry for industry


  • dosimetry for research

    Research and laboratories

  • Dosimetry for veterinary or dentist

    Dentists, veterinary, radiology cabinets

your privileged partner for radiation protection

LANDAUER is the world leader in passive dosimetry.

The solutions provided by LANDAUER meet your dosimetry requirements in accordance with radiation protection regulations.

– Approved dosimetry monitoring: from supply of legal dosimeters to dosimetry results.

Equipment: supply of OSL reader dosimeters and software for laboratories and hospitals providing dosimetry monitoring of workers and patients.

LANDAUER is HSE and EPA approved dosimetry services for whole body (photon, beta, neutron), extremity/skin and lens of eye dosemeters.



M workers monitored daily


years of existence


OSL laboratories worldwide

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  • Efficiently manage and maintain your dosimetry program online: check unreturned badges, browse dose history, export data into Excel® spreadsheets
  • Give individual users read access to personal dose information by viewing the Individual Dose Report
  • Be green – go paperless while accessing all dose reports, invoices, E sign annual dose reports etc. online

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