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LANDAUER setting the pace of radiation safety


Setting the Pace of Radiation SafetyTM

LANDAUER® is the world leader in dosimetry services and laboratory dosimetry equipment.
We help our partners, engineers and technicians in charge of radiation protection to monitor, control and minimize doses received by their exposed personnel and patients.

Landauer dosimeters
Key facts and figures about LANDAUER

We provide our 100,000 customers with:

  • A team of 600 experts in their respective fields
  • Our proprietary technologies such as OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) that we master and keep improving to better meet new regulations and new customer requirements.



of experience in dosimetry monitoring


millions workers

monitored daily in more than 30 countries



worldwide close to our customers


dosimetry laboratories

in 60 countries using our technologies

Our support services

Dosimetry customer service

Our customer advisers, on and off site sales teams, radiation protection and dosimetry monitoring experts provide you with everyday support, answers and solutions. You can count on us!

LANDAUER provides you with a single, dedicated contact person who knows your name and your company. This contact person will help you with any issue and will keep you informed of all steps taken.

Intensive support through the provision of tools designed to save time and make your life easier: LANDAUER direct online dosimetry management web platform, FAQ, technical assistance, knowledge center

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Our commitments

Through standard or customised packages, LANDAUER solutions cover all passive dosimetry and dosimetry monitoring requirements.

Our actions are driven by the following commitments.

Dosimetry laboratory equipment


Specialized in passive dosimetry, our experts are here to help you



Tomorrow's dosimetry monitoring is being invented with you

dosimetry service satisfaction


Your satisfaction is our key concern