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452 radiation survey meter

Radiation survey meter

452 radiation survey meter allows to continuously monitor your radiation exposure in any nuclear or radiological situation. It is suitable for most medical, industrial, security and nuclear applications including measuring X ray or low level contamination.

Radiation survey meterHeath Physicist needs often to use several radiation monitoring devices to perform their daily job.

With its unique silicon sensor cluster technology, 452 survey meter is the perfect device to measure radiation fiels in the wide energy and dose rate ranges encountered in industrial and medical applications. The device is very light and waterproof allowing dose rate measurement in indoor and outdoor applications.

With its interchangeable and removeable lids, i452 survey meter measures both the air Kerma and H*(10) ambient dose rate.

The additional pancake Geiger Muller tube allows with the same device to frisk alpha, beta and gamma contamination and monitor low level dose rate.

452 survey meter
Ideal to save cost and time!

The RaySafe 452 Radiation Survey Meter can be used for many applications such as:

  • X-ray tube and wall leakage
  • Scattered radiation in fluoroscopy and cargo screening
  • Area monitoring  in any controlled area
  • Contamination measurements in nuclear medicine, nuclear and non-destructive testing industries


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