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SATURN®: Comfort, hygiene and reliability in a single ring dosimeter


The SATURN ring measures exposure due to X, gamma and beta radiation with thermoluminescent technology. The TLD material is based on natural lithium floride providing the highest sensitivity.

  • Flexible fit for unequalled comfort
  • Precise reading – minimum reportable dose of 0.1 mSv
  • A ring designed to maximise hygiene
  • 2D barcode for easy scanning into

The only one-piece ring dosimeter on the market

To ensure easy cleaning and disinfection, the ring is one-piece, with no corner or gap.


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Technical specifications

dosimeter for finger extremityWith this design, the TLD is safely encapsulated underneath the ring cap which is ultrasonically welded to the polyethylene ring base. Under  even the harshest working conditions, it’s difficult to remove the ring cap from the ring base, so the chain of custody between the chip and the wearer is always maintained.

The identification on the cap is laser engraved, preventing the print from smearing, peeling, or washing off. Rings can be worn in dry or wet working conditions. Smooth edges allow rings to slide and fit inside surgical gloves without risk of tearing. The dosemeter is to be worn with the sensor towards the irradiation source

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