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Dosimetry laboratory equipment

Dosimetry equipment

In addition to dosimetry monitoring, LANDAUER also offers a full range of equipment designed for passive dosimetry.

These devices are used throughout the world, especially in nuclear power stations, hospitals and dosimetry laboratories.

They enable Radiation Protection Experts to follow and optimize doses received by exposed workers in all industry sectors whereby radiation sources are used.

They help medical physicists to reduce the risk of overexposure of patients in radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

They are also used to control the integrity of electronic cards during non-destructive testing.

Dosimetry is our core business, trust our expertise!

Real time dosimetry
Real time dosimetry

i3 Real time dosimetry

Regulations are evolving. From 2018, the annual regulatory lens exposure limit decreases to 20 mSv. According to the ORAMED study, funded by the European Union, 50% of the staff in interventional radiology exceeds this limit in the absence of individual protection.

The new RaySafe i3 radiation and dosimetry system is the ideal instrument for viewing personnel exposure to X-rays in real time.

This instant feedback is essential to enable medical teams to reduce their exposure. They are thus able to adapt their behavior, to refine the parameters of the radiology equipment or to put in place individual and collective protections.


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Dosimetry laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment

Dosimetry laboratories equipment

LANDAUER offers a full range of passive dosimetry laboratory equipment.

It covers a wide range of applications:

  • regulatory dosimetry monitoring
  • area and environmental measurement
  • in situ and emergency measurement

The InLight® dosimeters use OSL technology and measure X rays, gamma, beta and neutron radiation.

The microSTAR® and OSLR readers report doses measured in Hp(10), Hp(0.07) and H*(10).

Our solutions adapt to the size of your facility. They are easy to integrate in dosimetry laboratories of nuclear power stations and hospitals.

They are also used by Radiation Protection Advisors to perform emergency dose measurements or for area and environmental controls.

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PCB control card X rays

X ray inspection systems are widely used in various industries including:

  • electronic components and PCB manufacturing
  • smart phone and computer manufacturing
  • military, aerospace and automotive

These non-destructive controls allow inspection in areas that are not directly visible, such as weld seams or some components (BGAs, chip-scale package and flip chips).

However, electronic components or PCB* are irradiated, possibly resulting in damage difficult to detect, such as bit flips, program loss or deletion for some components as from 20 Gy

LANDAUER provides microSTARii PCB to measure doses received by the PCB. This solution offers the following benefits:

  • the small size and ease of use of the nanoDot dosimeter allow easy installation in the desired location of the component
  • dose reading can be carried out immediately at the end of the control by a dosimetry non-expert
  • the software allows for dose calculation received by the components in Gy (Si), the storage of the doses and assignment to control or card numbers.

*Printed Circuit Board


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PCB Control Card