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Spare dosimeters

For a dosimeter requirement outside the routine issue, LANDAUER® recommends to order some spare dosimeters for each wear period and account.

Spare dosimeters are badges issued to you without being assigned to a named participant.

They can be used in any emergencies, for new workers or to replace lost dosemeters. Spare dosemeters can be assigned to a named participant by filling the LANDAUER spare dosemeter assignment form available on our website or via myLDR. If this is done prior to returning the dosemeters to us, the measured exposure will be assigned to the record of the participant who wore the badge.

Online with
Our web based account management service enables you to:

  • efficiently manage your entire dosimetry program online
  • provide individual with access to their personal dose information
  • go paperless (opt out of receiving paper dosimetry reports) is offered at no charge to LANDAUER customers as part of our service.

Ask us the  assignment sheet (Form UK 009).

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