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Dosimetry services

Returning your dosimeters

To manage easily your shipments, LANDAUER proposes a simple procedure to ship back your dosimeters.

Return envelopes provided

Approximately one week before the beginning of the next wear period, delivery of new dosimeters will be effective.

Store them in a radiation-free area until the start of the next wear period. On the first day of this period, exchange the dosemeters worn during the previous wear period with the new one.

Return used and unused dosimeters (including area monitors!), together with their corresponding control dosemeters of the same wear period, in the LANDAUER return envelopes.
Dosimeters must be returned within 120 days of the end of the wear period.

Don’t forget to complete required customs declaration forms where applicable!

Browse the non-returned badges on myLDR, your interactive web based platform. You can view dosemeters from your account that have not been received by LANDAUER.

Please keep all the grey Luxel+ dosimeter holders of worn badges. They should be re-used with the new dosimeters.

Fully remove tabs from WORN BADGES ONLY. Unworn Luxel+ badges with the tab intact will be reported as “Unused” and not analysed.
Here’s a short video showing this process.

Dosimeters shipment

Pay attention to contaminated dosimeters

Note that it is illegal to send radioactively or biologically contaminated material through the post.

If you suspect your dosimeters to be contaminated, you should consult your RPA or RSO to decontaminate them. Call as soon as possible our Customer Service to advise us that it has happened as it may affect the dose.

For emergencies, a special procedure

If during a wear period, one of your employees has or supposes to have received a significant radiation dose, it is necessary to proceed immediately to an emergency return of his dosimeter.

The irradiated dosimeter must be sent separately, if possible with an appropriate control dosimeter. It should not be returned with other dosimeters.

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Property of LANDAUER

All dosimeters remain the property of LANDAUER®

All dosimeters and holders remain the property of LANDAUER. A dosimeter (including a control dosimeter) is considered lost if it is not returned within 60 days after the end wear date. There is a replacement fee for each dosimeter not returned.

If a dosimeter issued to a classified/category A worker is lost or damaged, an investigation to estimate the actual dose received during the monitoring period is required. The results of the assessment, together with an estimated dose should be sent to LANDAUER.
Your estimation will be recorded as a special entry in the dose record. Dose records for classified persons must be complete.