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General dosimetry image

Role of the control dosimeter

A separate dosimeter known as “control dosimeter” is included with each shipment free of charge. The control dosimeter(s) monitor background radiation in transit from and to LANDAUER® and storage.

The dose received by the control dosimeter is subtracted from the participants’ dosimeters. They should not be used for any other purpose.

Identification of a control dosimeter

Luxel+®SATURN® and VISION® control dosimeters are clearly labelled «CONTROL».

SATURN® and VISION® control dosimeters are indicated by red body, yellow cap and “CONTROL” on the cap.

Instructions for using control dosimeters

Store control dosimeters away from radiation, together with dosimeters not being worn, in a radiation-free location, i.e. normal background.

Control dosimeters MUST be returned with the dosimeters of the same wear period and from the same batch for which they were issued.

Do not wear and do not use the control dosimeter for any other purpose.