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Dosimetry services

Subscribing a complete solution of passive dosimetry

LANDAUER® delivers a flexible dosimetry service for an easier daily management.

A full range of dosimeters

LANDAUER offers a full range of dosimeters to measure radiation X, gamma, beta and neutron:

LANDAUER dosimeter offer
flexible service

A flexible service

LANDAUER service offers great flexibility in the management of your monitoring.

  • Manage your dosimetry online
  • Order spare dosimeters
  • Make change 25 days at the latest prior to the start of the next wear period
  • Customize your dosimeters: color codes for various services, icons symbolizing the area, wear period identified by date, symbol and distinct colors
  • Various accessories
  • Emergency processing of your dosimeters

Download the UK account change form or the Ireland account change form


Manage your dosimetry online

LANDAUER provides you with a user friendly and comprehensive Online Customer Portal: myLDR.

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Dosimetry online solution