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Badge board: centralize your participants’ dosimeters

LANDAUER® provides tools to help you organize your daily dosimetry management.

The LANDAUER badge boards:

  • facilitate distribution and collection of dosimeters
  • centralize your badges in a single location
  • provide a communication platform on radiation protection
  • enable the gathering of your staff’s dosimeters and the control dosimeters in the same location.


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Technical specifications

Small – 14 dosimeters – 3 shelves
Height approx. 36 cm
Width approx. 45 cm
Medium – 30 dosimeters – 3 shelves
Height approx. 45 cm
Width approx. 70 cm
Large – 45 dosimeters – 4 shelves
Height approx. 61 cm
Width approx. 70 cm
All days dosimetry services

Services to accompany you on a daily basis

LANDAUER supports you beyond the provision of dosimeters. We help you manage efficiently and smoothly your dosimetry subscription.

LANDAUER provides you with:

  • the web platform « » available 24h a day, 7 days a week, to manage your dosimetry monitoring
  • its customer service team

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