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Dosimetry services

Using of dosimeters

LANDAUER® provides single use and ready to wear dosimeters.Dosimeters may be used for Environmental monitoring, as a personal dosimeter or special accident

How to wear your dosimeters?

It is important to:

  • wear LUXEL+® wholebody dosimeters at the location recommended by your RPA;
  • wear SATURN® ring dosimeters on the RPA recommended hand and finger with the detector facing the direction of radiation;
  • wear VISION® lens of the eye dosimeters in conjunction with radiation safety glasses or safety shields, with the detector behind the shielding;
  • never wear a dosimeter assigned to another user and do not allow others to wear your assigned dosimeter;
  • avoid taking your dosimeter home and hang them back on the badge boards generally available.

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Using of dosimeters
Dosimeters on badge board

Caring for your dosimeter

While our dosimeters are robust and withstand normal use, damage to dosimeters may prevent reliable dose assessment. So please take reasonable care of them.

When the dosimeter is not worn, the participant should store it in a radiation free area, preferably in a designated location. This location should be out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat or radioactive sources.

LANDAUER proposes dosimeter badge boards, which can be mounted to ease the collection of returned dosimeters and the distribution of new dosimeters for your staff.